People who suffer brain injuries need not only the best legal expertise and advice from their solicitor, but also full understanding and appreciation of the daily difficulties their injury leaves them facing at home and within their communities.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we know how difficult it is for people to adjust to the huge life changes a brain injury brings, and realise that no amount of financial compensation can ever return life to normal.

Our extensive team of brain injury specialists have vast expertise and experience, ensuring our clients benefit from not only the very best legal advice and representation, but also key support in their rehabilitation and treatment.

I like to think I am known personally for my caring approach and my determination to succeed on even the most difficult of cases.

One of the proudest achievements during my career, which has so far spanned more than 20 years, was when taking over a dental negligence case involving a 9-year-old boy who was brain damaged during a dental procedure for which he had a general anaesthetic.

He got into difficulties and the dentist was unable to bring him round before he suffered a lack of oxygen to his brain.

In addition to obtaining sufficient compensation to enable him to be cared for in the event of his mother predeceasing him, which was highly likely, as a direct result of campaigning on this case the law was changed and dentists are no longer able to administer general anaesthetics to children in the surgery.

That case made a difference – a positive difference to the child and his family, and to others in the future.

Making a positive difference is key to our work at Hudgell Solicitors, and we proud to provide one-on-one support through our official ambassador Paul Spence, a brain injury victim who has made an inspirational recovery himself and is now committed to helping others walk the same path.

Paul offers a depth of understanding of the daily challenges brain injury sufferers’ face, with the aim of being a positive, understanding role model for them during difficult times.

Our partnership with the Brain Injury Group is also one we are very proud of, enabling us to access extra, key support for the individuals and families we represent.

We see the person, and not the claim, and is this approach which we proudly and passionately believe sets Hudgell Solicitors apart from the rest.