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Browell Smith & Co have been serving the North East for more than 20 years, helping clients through the good times, the sad times, in sickness and in health.

With five offices throughout the North East, we are a formidable player in the region.

Traumatic brain or spinal injury can have a permanent life changing effect not only on the injured person but also their family. Pursuing a personal injury claim is not just about providing the injured party with a sum of money, it is about putting their life back on track and ensuring the appropriate help and provision is available for as long as required.

At Browell Smith & Co you can trust our legal team to provide sound advice and to care for your needs every step of the way.

We understand how devastating the impact of brain or spinal injuries can be on an individual and how it is imperative that our clients have the utmost faith and confidence in their solicitor, particularly as cases of this nature can take many years to reach a conclusion.

Our brain and spinal team can provide the experience and support needed to secure compensation, rehabilitation and care for those with head and spinal injuries.

We have an extensive communication network ensuring the best experts are instructed in all processes, and that you receive the legal advice and expertise you deserve.

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Brain Injury Group Approved

Browell Smith & Co have been Brain Injury Group approved members since 2015.