I started my career in personal injury claims in 1993 by initially working for one for the largest direct insurers in the country, and defending claims which were brought against them. This gave me a unique insight into how they deal with claims, which helps me in my current role as a Senior Litigation Executive where I act on behalf of individual claimants, which I’ve been doing since 1998.

Although I deal with all kinds of personal injury claims, I feel particularly passionate about acting for clients with brain injuries because I feel I can recognise them and assist where they have often been missed by legal firms that do not have the relevant experience to work in the clients’ best interest.  I have had numerous clients come to me where they have tried to move on with their life after the accident or incident, but have been unable to, and their lives have gradually started to fall apart. They may have even been diagnosed with stress or depression, but the previous head injury has been totally overlooked. I will spot straight away this needs to be revisited. Not only can this result in adequate compensation, but if a correct diagnosis is achieved, it can also help their lives, in other ways, such as their career or marriage, and I find this hugely rewarding.

I have gathered a wealth of experience in acting for claimants in road traffic accidents, accidents at work, public liability cases, accidents abroad, occupier’s liability cases and the victims of criminal acts via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Recent cases include:

  • Brain injury (criminal injury) £460,000
    In 2009 Mr S was leaving a public house with his girl friend and a fight broke out behind him. He was hit over the head with a metal table and suffered head and spinal injuries, it resulted in the Claimant having the bones in his neck fused and he had reduced earn capacity. An application was made under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and he was awarded the above sum. The maximum award under the scheme is £500,000.
  • Brain injury (criminal injury) £227,000
    In 2006 Mr C was walking home with his friend when they walked past a group of youths. Mr C`s friend was attacked and knocked to the ground and when the claimant went to help him he was struck with a bottle to the back of the head. The claimant suffered head injuries which resulted in short term memory loss and cognitive deficits which meant he was unable to continue in his job as a furniture maker. Although, the claimant was able to return to gainful employment he was unable to achieve the earnings he had previously due to his injuries.

Beyond my professional expertise, I also enjoy working  to assist people in my local community, and am a member of the Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum (KABIF), help the local Headway group, and on the committee for a new drop in centre due to open in September 2013.  I’m also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).