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IBB Claims is owned and operated by IBB Solicitors.

IBB Solicitors is a leading law firm providing comprehensive coverage of London, the South East and Thames Valley. With nearly 200 employees, IBB represents both individuals and businesses – locally, nationally and internationally.

IBB Solicitors is one of the few law firms in the country offering an integrated support programme to help you deal with other areas of your life. As well as personal injury compensation, our programme includes:

    Expert advice on employment law and compensation for loss of earnings
  • Expert advice on financial assistance and access to benefits
  • Expert advice on the care of a loved one who is incapacitated. This could include creating a will (or updating an existing one), Court of Protection applications and Personal Injury Trusts
  • Expert advice on brain injury rehabilitation programmes, and home adaptations
  • Expert advice on relocating to a new home in order to obtain specialist treatment
  • Expert business and corporate law advice if the victim owned a business
  • Expert advice on family law and divorce matters, should the injury or accident affect a victim’s ability to maintain relationships

IBB Solicitors’ has dedicated brain injury lawyers who understand the complexity of brain injuries and the support required to recover or function at your highest capacity. Malcolm Underhill is an Accredited Brain Injury Specialist, of which there are just 33 in the country.

IBB Solicitors’ brain injury lawyers are also members of Headway, a leading British charity that provides help and assistance to brain injury victims and their families, including rehabilitation programmes, care workers, community work and social reintegration. Our legal specialists are highly experienced in helping people to achieve the best possible outcomes following serious brain injury. We can visit you at home or hospital to explain your options and map out the steps to take.

We have successfully represented clients with brain and head injury claims as a result of a variety of reasons including road traffic accidents, medical negligence, birth injuries, falls and assaults. We provide a simple compensation process and an honest assessment of the success of your claim, and offer a “Conditional Fee Agreement” – commonly known as a “No Win No-Fee Agreement”, as well as other funding options.

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IBB Claims Overview

IBB Claims is owned and operated by IBB Solicitors and provides a specialist legal advisory service for victims of complex head, brain and spinal injuries.

  • Firm Established: 1994
  • Number of Brain Injury Specialists: 3

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