The Brain Injury Group exists to support individuals and families affected by brain injury and the health and social care professionals who care for and support them.

Whilst our membership is comprised predominantly of legal specialists with a particular interest and expertise in brain injury cases, our aim is to provide access to a complete package of support for brain injured people and those close to them, including health and social care professionals.

Recognising the benefits and importance of sharing experience, knowledge and professional expertise across the brain injury sector, we help to do this in a number of ways by providing:

  • Publications such as Brain Injury News, a magazine written with health and social care professionals in mind
  • A series of Fast Facts information sheets on a range of legal and other topics related to health and social care in the context of brain injury
  • Resources to assist your patients and clients, including information on the type of legal issues that may concern them and how to access appropriate professional advice
  • The BIG Directory, a comprehensive A-Z nationwide listing of services and support for those affected by brain injury which you may wish to join
  • Links to support groups, charities and national campaigns, including those we actively support and with which you may wish to become involved too
  • Opportunities for learning and development, such as training days delivered by proven experts in the area of brain injury
  • Legal and Welfare Service (LAWS) – a free legal and welfare service for patients affected by brain injury, their carers and families which can be made available within your hospital or neuro centre
  • Access to the latest brain injury news stories via both this website and on Twitter