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Useful brain injury glossaries

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Useful brain injury glossaries

Every profession has its jargon, and unless you’re on the inside, the terminology you’re faced with when dealing with the impact of a complex injury can be overwhelming.

In these pages we’ve pulled together – and simply defined – some of the most commonly used references in brain injury matters from both a clinical and legal perspective.

These glossaries are intended primarily for people who are being introduced to terms and acronyms that they’ve probably not had to think about before.

Glossary of clinical terms

Medical Glossary
Within the glossary of clinical terms you can find lay man’s definitions of many of the clinical conditions, procedures and terms associated with brain injury.

Definitions for terms including:
Ataxia, Cerebral angiogram, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hypoxic-Ischaemic injury, Locked In Syndrome, Mayo Classification System, Post-Traumatic Vertigo, Prosopagnosia, Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

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Glossary of legal terms

Legal Glossary
The glossary of legal terms explains the basic meaning of some of the laws and legal terms commonly referred to in brain injury claims.

Legal terms explained include:
After the event insurance (ATE), Article 75, Before the event insurance (BTE), Burden of proof, Care plan, Community care assessment, Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU), Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, Damages Based Agreement (DBA), Disbursements, Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA), Immediate needs assessment, Rehabilitation protocol

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Glossary of health and other care professionals

Within this glossary you can find brief descriptions of many of the people that might be involved in caring for someone who has suffered a brain or other serious injury throughout their treatment and rehabilitation.

Definitions for terms including:
Neurologist, Educational Psychologist, Rehabilitation Engineer

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Glossary of legal and other professionals

The glossary of legal and other professionals introduces some of the people you might come across if, for example, you were to pursue a personal injury claim in particular, or someone affected by brain injury needed support in managing their affairs.

The definitions include:
Advocate, Attorney, Deputy, Risk Manager

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Glossary of Court of Protection terms

Court of Protection Glossary
Within the glossary of Court of Protection terms you can find definitions of many of the clinical conditions, procedures and terms associated with the Court of Protection.

Definitions for terms including:
Deputies, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DOLS), Guardians, Mental Capacity, Office of the Public Guardian, ‘P’, PI Trust (Personal Injury Trust), Statutory Will, Trustee Application etc.

Go to the glossary of Court of Protection terms

The NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation is a membership body that brings together organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services. An ‘acronym buster’ on their website includes over 700 acronyms commonly used within the NHS! You can browse their list of acronyms and abbreviations on their website by clicking here.

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