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A brain injury can be devastating for both the individual and for their family and friends; lives can be changed in an instant.

The initial shock and immediate medical treatment following a brain injury will usually lead to a period of adjustment and rehabilitation. And it can be a lengthy process because it’s almost impossible to predict how far or how fast people will recover from their injury.

The scale and volume of issues that people are suddenly faced with can be overwhelming. Getting the right diagnosis, managing symptoms and accessing rehabilitation, finding support in the community, managing the emotional impact, dealing with financial and legal matters – the list is long and complex and places great demands on people at their most vulnerable.

Brain Injury Group exists to support everyone affected by brain injury by providing access to the legal services and support they need – immediately and in the longer term. We understand the complex needs faced by the whole family, and our unique membership network combines the best quality legal advice with other support services to provide access to a complete package of legal and welfare advice for brain-injured people, their families and carers.

Some common head injury symptoms include:

Symptoms and effects of brain injuries

The brain is the control centre for everything you think, feel and do, so it’s no surprise that damage to it can alter your physical and mental abilities, behaviour and personality. Even apparently subtle problems can have a massive impact.

  • Slowed responses

  • Loss of physical sensations

  • Poor concentration

  • Poor planning and problem solving skills

  • Inability to understand and communicate

  • Poor memory

  • Slow or slurred speech

  • Overly talkative

  • Lack of insight

  • Personality changes

  • Inappropriate behaviour

  • Poor perception, recognition and judgement

  • Lack of initiative

  • Fatigue

  • Physical disabilities

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You can find our brief guide to brain injury below

A Guide To Brain Injury A brief layman’s guide to brain injury for those affected Suitable for: general interest; health and social care professionals

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