Whilst Court of Protection Deputyship matters are very common in brain injury cases, many law firms do not have the capacity to offer professional deputyship services.

Within the Brain Injury Group membership, however, are a number of firms that have developed significant expertise in providing and managing deputyship services and we have established a Court of Protection panel to support those firms, members and non-members alike, who don’t have either the resource or experience to provide the level of service that the management of their client’s affairs demand.

Court of Protection Panel members

Our members, a number of who feature on the Official Panel of Professional Deputies for the Court of Protection, can assist with

  • Health and welfare
  • Property and Affairs
  • Expert witness statements (costs) expertise
  • Local authority case services and funding
  • NHS care funding
  • SEN applications and appeals
  • Estate planning and trusts
  • Completion of tax returns for deputies

Court of Protection Panel requirements

In order to feature on our Court of Protection Panel, members have had to demonstrate that they:

  • have at least one dedicated Court of Protection / Professional Deputyship partner.
  • that partner has at least seven years’ experience of acting as a Deputy on behalf of personal injury /acquired brain injury clients.
  • the firm is currently appointed in respect of 15 deputyships for protected parties / beneficiaries.
  • a team is in place that can demonstrate the ability to respond to enquiries promptly and to provide continuity of service for deputyship clients.
  • the firm has not have been subject to any SRA or COP investigation in relation to Deputyship matters.

They will make no attempt to poach clients, and will be happy to work with you to maximise any ongoing claim by providing expert witness reports as to expenditure to date and the anticipated Court of Protection costs going forwards.

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