The Brain Injury Group is led by a board of directors and team who bring together a variety of experience from the financial and legal sectors.

Operations Director

Sally Dunscombe - Operations Director

Sally developed the initial idea for the Brain Injury Group along with Francis Lacy-Scott of asb aspire LLP. Sally brings a wealth of operational management and strategic guidance from a career spanning 30 years to the network.

She looks after the day to day management of the Group. She is also the Operations Director for Annecto Legal, a firm that specialises in commercial litigation funding, offering free advice to individuals and businesses seeking to minimise both the costs and financial risks of taking legal action.

Sally can be contacted by telephone on 07774 205870

Director and Business Development Manager

Mark Beaumont - Director and Business Development Manager

Mark played an integral role in establishing the membership of the Brain Injury Group when it launched in 2011. He became a director of the Group in 2013, and enjoys driving the new approach and strategy at such a key time for the sector.

Prior to this, he developed a career in account management and business development, most recently at Just Cost Solicitors. As Client Services Manager, Mark had a focus on seminars and training, and raising awareness of alternative funding options. He also worked closely with ATE legal expenses insurers, commercial litigation funders and other businesses that support the legal services sector. Mark is also a co-founder of Annecto Legal.

Mark can be contacted by telephone on 07730 217 643.

Training and Membership Manager

Julie McCarthy - Training and Membership Manager

Julie organises our training and events programme as well as dealing with all aspects of membership and associate membership.  She is also responsible for day to day enquiries, our directory of services and accounts.

Julie can be contacted on 07740 283 080 or at

Website & Internet Marketing

Andy Smith - Website & Internet Marketing

Andy is responsible for everything to do with our website including member profiles and internet marketing.

Andy can be reached on