Brain injury MEG scans and reports

Innovision IP Ltd
Sycamore Barn, Langwith Lane,
Heslington, York

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Contact: Peter Schwabach

Since the company was established in November 2019 Innovision has analysed hundreds of normal and abnormal MEG data sets.

90% of all brain injuries remain undetected by MRI or CT. Using Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scanners, Innovision can detect, locate and report on the presence of those injuries with unparalleled accuracy.

Co-founded by Professor Gary Green, a world expert in neuro imaging who was the founding director the University of York’s Neuroimaging and Diagnostic imaging centres, Innovision brings to the medico-legal world the 50 year scientifically proven neuro-imaging power of MEG.

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Recent commissions from solicitors include reports on veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, reports on former professional rugby, football and ice hockey players, reports on victims of accidents at work, reports on victims of automotive and cycling accidents along with reports on subjects who may have received brain injuries at birth.

Our reports have been admitted as evidence in trials and are of value to both litigant and claimant solicitors when seeking objective proof of injury. MEG scans are entirely non-invasive and we scan subjects at our facilities in Birmingham, Ulster and Melbourne (Australia).

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