Expert Medico-Legal Reports

Premex House
Futura Park

Tel: 01204 478 320

Premex+ is the leading provider of medico-legal reports for serious injury, clinical negligence, industrial disease and other complex cases for law firms and the insurance market.

Our complex injury team are experienced in working with specialist brain injury and clinical negligence lawyers and claims teams dealing with multi-million pound claims. We take the time to understand the details of each unique case and adapt our approach to best accommodate the claimant’s needs.

Premex+ have an extensive and reputable expert panel to ensure all cases are processed appropriately, whether they require a single expert or multiple expert opinions.

Premex+ have been involved with the Brain Injury Group and its members for many years. Premex+ key services to BIG members include:

  • An extensive panel of specialist and reliable experts
  • The ability to liaise directly with our experts
  • Independent expert recruitment when required
  • Deferred payment terms to meet the needs of your case type

For clinical negligence cases, our services include:

  • Clinical nurse screening
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Condition and Prognosis

We also offer pagination services, through our sister company, Pagin8. Benefits of our pagination service include:

  • Delivery by an experienced team of in-house clinical nurses and case handlers
  • Transparent pricing

Each member of our 100+ strong team here at Premex+ goes through extensive training on specific areas/specialisms. The training puts each member of the team in a position to offer the highest standard of care and service to each solicitor, claimant and/or family member. In conjunction with our process training, we also offer support and counselling to each member of staff, including emotional resilience training, which prepares them for the often difficult and emotional cases they will work on.

For further information about how Premex+ can assist you with your cases please contact whom will assist you in the first instance.

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