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Contact: Liam Bottomley

Forths Forensic Accountants have grown since their inception in 2002 into one of the largest niche forensic accountancy boutiques in the UK. Providing independent, impartial and forthright opinions on quantum issues our team boasts unrivalled expertise in dealing with loss of earnings and loss of pension calculations resulting from injury claims.

Our serious injury team are experienced in working with specialist brain injury lawyers dealing with multi-million pound claims and have developed significant speciality in fatal accident cases.

It is imperative that the often complex future financial losses that may affect a brain injured client and their family are properly and fully constructed as part of their general damages claim. It can, therefore, greatly assist matters if we are involved from an early stage of the case to offer guidance and support.

In the event that the brain-injured client is employed we will:

  • Provide the brain injury lawyer with a preliminary discovery list to ensure all essential information is obtained.
  • Undertake a full financial comparison review of future earning potential pre and post accident to project future loss of earnings. This is a particularly complex exercise in respect of high achievers where a small percentage decline in previous business ability can significantly impact future earnings.
  • Factor the impact of the injury sustained against projected pension rights and benefits.
  • Provide our Expert Report on deferred terms until conclusion of the case.

In the event that the brain injured client is a business owner we will:

  • Undertake immediately a Companies House full search and complete an initial investigation into the business, providing the brain injury lawyer with an e-report.
  • Provide interim business management to protect the ongoing business value and deal with any urgent business issues, if required.
  • Identify a full discovery list of documentation and information required to construct a detailed loss of profits report.
  • In preparing our full forensic financial report, identify trading patterns that can be attributed to the impact of the client’s accident on the business.
  • Provide a fully supported Expert Report on deferred terms until conclusion of the case.

Once the client’s claim is settled we can continue to support them by providing:

  • Preparation of Financial Accounts.
  • Preparation of Trust Accounts.
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Tax Returns.

For further information about services for Brain Injury Group members, including deferred fee terms, speak to Liam Bottomley at Forths ( or 0113 387 5687 / 07748 632 222)

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