The Brain Injury Group isn’t just about legal services; our network includes a full range of other professionals and support services. Sandra was helped by Nestor Partnership, a specialist independent financial advice firm.

Sandra* cares for her husband Andrew* who was in a motorcycle accident. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and several orthopaedic injuries.

The accident affected Andrew profoundly; he has difficulty walking and often experiences severe pain. Andrew had previously been an active, independent person, but he now suffers from impaired memory, cognitive functioning and personality problems.

His self-confidence was also shattered in the accident, and he requires a great deal of both emotional and practical care and support from Sandra, which includes helping him complete forms and paperwork, and accompanying him to various appointments.

Sandra is responsible for all of Andrew’s daily care and support, and continues to work full time. Andrew had previously applied for Disability Living Allowance to help cover the costs of the daily support he requires but was refused on the grounds that his condition was not considered severe enough to meet the qualifying criteria.

Unhappy with the decision, Sandra and Andrew went to Nestor Partnership who appealed it on their behalf. The decision was swiftly overturned and Andrew was awarded the highest rate mobility component and the middle rate care component for an indefinite period.

Securing the higher rate mobility component has made a big difference to their lives. It has allowed them to pay for a motability vehicle, which the family is reliant on to attend regular appointments, treatment and therapy. Being awarded the middle rate care component also means that Sandra may now qualify for Carer’s Allowance in the future.

Most of all though, it has helped to ease some of the financial stress caused by the injury, and means that Sandra and Andrew now have the opportunity to enjoy more social activities together as a couple again.

*Names have been changed.