Sue Organ is the wife of Charles and co-founder of the Brain Injury is BIG support group ( Charles suffered extensive brain damage and was left wheelchair bound and severely disabled following a cycling accident. Sue cares for Charles at home.

Complications followed Charles’ cycling accident and he suffered a massive brain bleed which devastated and immobilised his body. Surgeons removed part of his skull to allow his brain to swell and everyone feared for his life. He survived the surgery, overcame MRSA, collapsed lungs and various infections and lost four stone in weight.

Despite being told that Charles would never walk, talk, eat or drink again and would be hospitalised for life, Sue was determined to care for him at home. He came home in July 2009.

Sue co-ordinates a care team that gives Charles round-the-clock care. She helps to administer the medication and PEG feeding. She helps attend to his personal care and hygiene, keeps him stimulated through talking, exercises and games. At night she is there to calm him when he wakes in distress in the early hours.

Quite apart from the physical care, Sue keeps the pressure up on ‘the system’ to secure the help that she and Charles need.

What Sue says

“Carers are far from alone: the more we support others, the more we are supported ourselves. It’s exhausting but wonderful to have Charles at home as I am able to hug him and tell him how much we love him any time of day or night. I’m committed to his care for life.”

Legal help

Nearly 18 months after Charles’ injury, Sue instructed Brain Injury Group solicitor Neil Elliott of Novum Law who secured substantial interim payments ahead of the final significant award of damages. These are used to fund additional aspects of Charles’ ongoing neuro-rehabilitation and improvements in his care regime, and make both their lives easier than they would otherwise be.