With 50% of traumatic brain injuries resulting from road traffic incidents, getting involved with Road Safety Week puts the work that we do into context, and we’ve supported this campaign – delivered by the road safety charity Brake – for several years.

Together with our member firms, we commit to raising road safety awareness through regional and social media, and by connecting with local primary schools to encourage them to get involved in the campaign.

In recent years we’ve sponsored creative competitions and provided the resources and prizes to help the schools taking part to promote road safety messages.

Road Safety Week 2017 took place 20-26 November, and the theme was ‘Speed Down Save Lives’.

Once again we took a tried and tested formula and sponsored creative poster-making competitions in 13 schools to make learning about road safety fun. We provided drawing resources, posters and prizes to give each school a focus for their lessons and assemblies.

Some 10 member and associate member firms got involved in 2017, supporting 13 schools across the country as far apart as Plymouth and South Lanarkshire – that represents around 3,000 children in total, and their families, learning about road safety.

Go to our Road Safety Week 2017 event gallery page to see images of some of the fantastic posters created and quite a few very proud prize winners.

Why it matters

Sadly too many families have been affected by road crashes, resulting in brain injuries. Here are just two examples:

Lucy Webb remembers only too well when her son Jamie was hit by a car outside their home. It was a summer’s evening in August 1995 and Jamie, then 7, was playing with his sister and friends across the road. Jamie Webb doesn’t recall the accident or the immediate aftermath as his life hung in the balance. But he is well aware that his brain damage and disability were preventable. Read more of Lucy and Jamie’s story here.

Sarah’s son Jarrad was hit by a car in 2007 at the age of 12. He was with his friends who were on bicycles while he kept up with them on his trainers with in-built wheels. No-one is quite sure what happened but Jarrad was hit by a car while crossing the road. “I was told this was a classic case of ‘wrong time, wrong place’ says Sarah. “If Jarrad had crossed a second earlier or later he wouldn’t have been hit. It literally takes a second to wreck a life on the road.” Read more of Sarah and Jarrad’s story here.

How else can we help?

If you, or a loved one, have been affected by a brain injury as a result of a road crash, we can help in different ways.

If the crash was not your fault but caused as a result of a third party, you may be able to pursue a claim that will help cover the costs that you may face as a result of the injury. Find out more about the claims process, and find a specialist brain injury solicitor near you. As part of a claim you would also be put in touch with our support services free of charge, including a family co-ordinator at times of crisis, a financial adviser, and a case manager.

Regardless of the cause of your brain injury, we can also offer information about brain injury on our website and via our telephone helpline 0800 612 9660. And if you are living with a brain injury and looking for specialist services, whether it’s a case manager, a therapist, a family holiday, or even a support group, you can find it here in The BIG Directory of services.

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