Ryan cooking at the BBQ on a recent family holiday

Ryan suffers from mixed dyskinetic/spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a result of birth asphyxia caused by the negligent management of his mother’s labour.

Ryan’s cerebral palsy causes him severe impairment of motor function and speech, and he has developmental delay. Despite his condition, Ryan has a near normal life expectancy.

Ryan’s family were originally advised that they could not win a negligence claim against the hospital. They sought a second opinion from Brain Injury Group solicitor Helen Niebuhr, of Darbys solicitors, and Helen was able to use of her years of experience in brain injury cases to win £6.6million, a record settlement at that time.  Justine, Ryan’s mother, spoke for the family: “Ryan is secure and will be well cared for, for the rest of his life. If we hadn’t known of Helen, we would still be struggling and worried about the future”.

Ryan is now attending Star College.  He had been shy about communicating using communication aids but has now over come most of this, he uses his I-pad for communication. He has a power-assisted “West Ham FC” chair, which gives him some independence in getting around.  As a result he is now more confident about going out and about shopping, going to the pub and communicating with other people using his communication aids and joining in activities at Star such as Christmas parties. With his settlement, Ryan and his family have been able to move to a new house which is fully adapted for his needs and has a lift so that Ryan can access all areas of his home. He also has a swimming pool which allows him time to move around freely out of his wheelchair, and enjoy fun and games with his friends and family. He has holiday caravans in Cornwall and France and spends a lot of time at both.

The picture shows Ryan cooking at the BBQ on a recent family holiday. None of this would have been possible without the compensation he deserved which was so nearly kept away from him.”