The main function of anyone working within the legal costs arena is to maximise return for the work that a solicitor or barrister has put into a case.

Post-Jackson it has become crucial that solicitor firms and costs experts work together from the outset of a case with the emphasis on dealing with costs is placed pre-emptively and not after the event.  All solicitors should now expect a full, costs management service from the outset.

Costs budgeting is now fully in force and evolving daily.  It is crucial that the expertise of a costs lawyer is utilised from day one. The landscape has changed.  Whether internal or external, solicitors should regard costs advice and service as part of their firm.  The outcome of the costs process is more crucial than ever and the ramifications can be drastic.

Our associate member, Burcher Jennings, has a host of experts waiting to help and provides a free helpdesk service for all costs related matters and queries:

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