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Find a Court of Protection panel member with Estate planning & trusts expertise
Property and finance deputies responsible for managing someone’s financial affairs have a responsibility to regularly review arrangements, including those which were put in place before their appointment. Existing arrangements and relationship need to be reviewed to ensure they continue to be in the best interests of the individual and changes made if necessary to bring arrangements up to date.

Our specialist Court of Protection solicitors can assist with, amongst other things, the following areas:

  • Applications to the Court of Protection regarding finances
  • Funding and paying for care
  • Trusts
  • Cash flow forecasting to ensure funds last
  • Reviewing assets and investments to ensure they are appropriate
  • Appointing a qualified financial adviser or investment manager
  • Inheritance tax planning advice
  • Advice on gifting

If you would like to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser, our associate member firm, Nestor Financial Services may be able to assist.

Court of Protection panel members with Estate planning & trusts expertise