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Find a Court of Protection panel member with local authority care services and funding expertise
Someone who lacks mental capacity (a ‘Protected Party’) is likely to need either

  • assistance with care at home
  • access to rehabilitation
  • respite care
  • adaptations to a property
  • to live in a care home or nursing home

The cost of these services may be covered in full by the Local Authority but there can be circumstances where all or part of these costs are payable by the Protected Person.

This can include where a personal injury award has been received which includes the cost of a care package, it can then be hard to obtain state funded care. However if the claimant recovers less than 100% of the full value of their claim or the cost of care is greater than the award, it may be possible to secure funding from the Local Authority for care.

Our members can assist Lay Deputies as well as Professional Deputies to navigate this complex area of the law.

Court of Protection panel members with local authority care services and funding expertise