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Find a Court of Protection panel member with NHS care funding expertise
If someone has a primary healthcare need, they are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.

This is true even if the person has received a personal injury compensation award, unless the compensation has come from the NHS as a result of clinical negligence, in which case the NHS may seek to prevent you from being able to claim NHS Continuing Healthcare.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding can be provided in various settings, including a care home or the individuals own home, it is either provided by way of direct services or payment to cover the cost of services required, which enables an individual to arrange their own care services.

There is a lengthy and complex assessment process, and as people who qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare often have a high level of healthcare needs, support and assistance with the process may be required.

Our specialist solicitors can advise on the assessment process, what evidence is required, as well as initiating the assessment and accompanying individuals to meetings relating to the assessment.

When eligibility has been determined, our specialist solicitors can assist with

  • negotiations regarding the services to be made available to you or the amount of any direct payment;
  • managing direct payments
  • employing support workers and ongoing employer obligations
  • NHS reporting requirements
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare review meetings

Court of Protection panel members with NHS care funding expertise