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Jane Netting – Wrigleys Solicitors

Wrigleys Solicitors
Derwent House,
150 Arundel Gate
S1 2FN

Areas of Expertise

Financial Deputyships Health & welfare deputyships Expert witness statements (costs) Local authority care services & funding
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NHS care funding SEN applications & appeals Estate planning & trusts Completion of tax returns for deputy clients
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Professional Membership

Court of Protection Panel of Deputies STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Solicitors for the Elderly (team)
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About Wrigleys Solicitors

Legal and financial advice for injured, disabled or vulnerable people

Here at Wrigleys we have a special focus on protecting the interests of injured, disabled or vulnerable people.

Injured People

We concentrate on the financial and associated legal needs of people who have been injured, both during the course of litigation and for the rest of their lives.

We know that injured people have a number of inter-connecting issues to deal with which often go beyond the purely “legal” aspects.

Disabled or Vulnerable People

People can be vulnerable for a variety of reasons some of which Wrigleys may be able to help with. For example:

  • Dealing with financial affairs.
  • Organising care requirements or support for existing carers.
  • Advising on means tested support to meet the disabled or vulnerable person's needs (for example, it might not be advisable for them to receive an inheritance outright).
Jane Netting – Wrigleys Solicitors

Wrigleys Solicitors
Derwent House,
150 Arundel Gate
S1 2FN

About Jane Netting

Jane qualified as a solicitor in 1997, became a partner in 2016 and deals with all areas of private client work and Court of Protection, including will drafting, with an emphasis on asset preservation for the families of vulnerable people, tax and estate planning and administration of estates.

She is the Partner in charge of Court of Protection, specialising in:-

  • Court of Protection applications
  • Advice on Court of Protection approved Trusts
  • Gifting applications
  • Purchasing property applications
  • Statutory Will applications
  • Trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Witness statements of Court of Protection / Trustee costs

Jane personally deals with a wide range of applications to the Court of Protection. These include multi-party statutory will applications and property related and contested trust matters.

Jane is passionate about getting the right result for the client.

At the recommendation of the Official Solicitor, Jane has acted as litigation friend on numerous occasions for minors who are a party in a contested Court of Protection application.

Professional memberships:

  • MENCAP recommended adviser
  • Jane is a Dementia Friend
  • Professional Deputies Forum
  • Jane has contributed to a number of publications such as the APIL "Catastrophic Injury Handbook", Modern Law Magazine and MBL Webinars.