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About Tollers Solicitors

Tollers Brain, Spinal Cord Injury and Clinical Negligence Lawyers are Headway and Spinal Injury Association accredited specialists renowned for their expertise and ability to secure the highest compensation for our clients for accidents that were not their fault but have had a huge impact on their lives.

Making a claim is not just about compensation. It will be just as important to access rehabilitation, treatment and support to ensure the best recovery and return to work and active life as soon as possible. Your solicitor is a source of support, assistance and advice, not just for you but your family and carers.

The brain is the control centre for most of the body’s vital functions. Even a minor injury can have serious, lasting effects and lead to a substantial compensation payment. Starting a compensation claim may well be the best chance of securing the amount of care you need for the rest of your life. Whilst the NHS is a wonderful institution and has an obligation to provide a certain level of care, it is rarely enough and places the whole family under avoidable stress and financial pressure. Access to compensation funds allow us to work closely with top healthcare providers with some of the best brain injury units in the UK so you will get high quality advice, expertise, products and services.

Choosing the right solicitor is crucial.

It is important that you choose a solicitor who is recognised and accredited by the brain injury charity Headway and The Law Society. Tollers have been accredited for many years. To be accredited, the individual solicitor must be able to show they have been running serious brain injury cases for several years.

We make the process of claiming for a brain injury as hassle free as possible visiting you and your family in hospital or at home.

The journey for a brain injury claim can be long and challenging as the full effects may not be known for some time. Cases involving subtle cognitive deficits can be just as difficult as those with catastrophic injuries and it is essential to ensure the correct medical experts are involved, both in relation to assessment of the injury and treatment. Immediate needs are addressed with interim payments, if possible. We work as a team with you but also your family, friends and other.

Whilst a compensation package is the ultimate aim, our role does not stop there. After settlement we can offer complimentary legal help in education law and through our experienced Court of Protection Deputies.

We also work closely with the brain injury charity Headway whose aims are to increase awareness of brain injury and its consequences and to provide information and support for people with brain injuries, their relatives and carers.

Our aim is not only to obtain the best possible financial settlement or court award, but also to ensure you receive the optimum support, treatment and rehabilitation so you can lead a positive and rewarding life.

We are able to advise clients Nationwide throughout England and Wales

Rebecca List – Tollers Solicitors

Tollers Solicitors
1 Waterside Way, Bedford Road,
Northampton NN4 7XD

About Rebecca List

Rebecca List heads up the firm’s employment team and has over 12 years of working in employment law. Rebecca and her team are experienced in advising their clients on both the contentious and non-contentious aspects of employment law, meaning that they can advise on: HR processes, such as grievances, disciplinaries, redundancies et cetera; and HR documents, like contracts et cetera; as well as bringing and running tribunal claims.

Rebecca conducts her own advocacy in the Employment Tribunal, which means that she can represent a client in defending a claim, from the start to the finish. She has a high success rate in defending claims for her clients.

In her spare time Rebecca loves to travel and is a keen rugby supporter, her favourite team being Wasps, which can cause some friendly discussions in the Northampton office, with her colleagues and her clients!

Rebecca is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.