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Brain injuries can be caused in many different ways: an accident at work, a road traffic accident or a slip or fall or as a consequence of medical or clinical negligence. At Shoosmiths Solicitors we have a team of highly experienced and specialist lawyers who can help no matter what the cause of the brain injury.

Our specialist solicitors are experienced litigators and negotiators and fight hard to secure the best possible outcome, helping to secure legal redress, financial security and the best available treatment or rehabilitation services. We know that there is more to rebuilding your or a loved one’s life than purely the money awarded as compensation.

A strong track record dealing with brain injury cases

Our strong track record in cases of brain injury speaks volumes:

  • Nicola Cooper who suffered a brain injury after a seemingly minor car accident. At first it seemed she had only suffered a whiplash-type injury, but more serious symptoms progressively became apparent and she rebuilt her life with the help of her family, friends and Shoosmiths Solicitors.
  • James Robshaw failure to properly monitor his mother during labour meant James was born with severe cerebral palsy. Shoosmiths Solicitors expert lawyer Denise Stephens obtained the largest ever compensation award for a case of this kind – £14.6m – allowing James to live life to his fullest possible potential.

Complementary legal expertise

We can offer complementary legal expertise by calling upon expert colleagues in education law to help secure SEN provision through an appropriate Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) or provide Tribunal representation if a child’s condition is caused by medical injury suffered at or following birth as well as a full range of education and social care advice.

We can call upon the expertise of our very experienced team in dealing with the Court of Protection (the body responsible for ensuring that a person’s affairs are managed correctly when they lack the mental capacity to do so). We understand the importance of safeguarding the best interests of individuals of any age who lack capacity, whether that’s due to clinical negligence, accident and injury or mental illness.

Professional medico-legal specialists who care about the welfare of their clients

The effects of brain injuries are often misunderstood and the impact not just on the individual, but the entire family, is often underestimated. Close family are likely to suffer high levels of anxiety and depression during the years following a brain injury to a family member and often experience a decrease in their ability to cope with their own emotional or behavioural problems.

Relationships are put under tremendous strain when a spouse or partner has had a severe brain injury. Children often experience emotional problems and their performance at school can suffer as a result of their lack of understanding of the suddenly strange or difficult behaviour of a parent with a brain injury. Families need attention, information, guidance and support if they are to regroup and rebuild their lives after a brain injury.

Over many years, Shoosmiths Solicitors has earned the trust of clients by providing an empathetic ear and clear straightforward advice. All of this goes hand-in-hand with professional medico-legal expertise provided by specialists in their fields – experts who genuinely care about the welfare of their clients.

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