I am the Managing Director of Hill & Abbott, and have extensive experience in acting for injured people, with a particular interest in brain injury cases.

Over the years I have built up extensive knowledge that enables me to find innovative solutions to many of the problems that arise.

My personal motivation for wanting to specialise in this area comes from being involved in a serious road traffic accident myself in my early twenties. I suffered a significant blow to the head and was hospitalised.  I am extremely lucky that the only lasting affect is scarring. It has made me want to help people who have been less fortunate.

My experience extends beyond the UK, as I have travelled extensively in Europe visiting brain injured clients and their families. I also appeared in open court in Poland where I made representations on behalf of a brain injured client in relation to guardianship. I have appeared on TV and radio in Poland and a documentary was made about the work my firm has done. I am often involved in cases that have cross border elements to them which add to the challenge.  I am a keen advocate and have represented clients at coroner’s inquests.

I am passionate about helping people deal with the many challenges they face after being injured in accidents.  With many of the brain injury clients I help, our relationship develops into a life time of commitment from me and my team.

Of course, trying to prevent the cause of accidents is extremely important and my firm spotted an opportunity to help children in a rural primary school where, unfortunately, several children had been killed and seriously injured walking to and from school.  We provided high visibility jackets to the entire school, including the teachers.  The school and local police were very grateful for our efforts.