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When someone suffers from a head or brain injury, the impact can dramatically change their life and affect their family. Having specialised in cases of brain injury for many years, Slater and Gordon understand just how much life can change at this time and it’s our aim to make the claims process as easy as possible for everyone concerned and to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Slater and Gordon’s specialist team of brain injury experts are located in our offices throughout the UK enabling easier access to world class legal services. Our legal skills and dedication ensures that our clients’ compensation awards are the absolute maximum available.

Although we do pride ourselves on the expertise and best possible outcome we provide our clients in respect of their personal injury case, our dedication does not stop there. Often when someone suffers a brain injury, it can also lead to other issues which may require legal advice and assistance. We ensure that our clients are provided with our full range of services from a host of specialist lawyers to relieve any additional burden at what can be an extremely difficult time. These additional legal areas of expertise include:-

  • Court of Protection advice and deputyships
  • Employment advice
  • Family law advice
  • Wills trusts and probate

We’ll always fight for our clients, sometimes going on to the Court of Appeal and also the Supreme Court to succeed. We fight to make changes in the law for the good of the injured, such as the recent Woodland case involving a child who suffered a brain injury as a result of a near drowning incident whilst taking part in a school swimming lesson.

We’re aware that there are also a range of issues which don’t require the advice of a lawyer, but can be difficult to deal with at a time of stress. We have recently put in place a Client Liaison Team to provide our injured clients with a free service, assisting them with a range of practical issues and support throughout their case and beyond, from welfare benefits advice, to providing guidance on housing accessibility and adaptations.

Research shows that that the eventual outcome for someone who has suffered a brain injury is much better for those who have rehabilitation. We therefore see it is an important part of our role to make sure that our clients get the best quality support to maximise the chances of recovery and future independence.

We work closely with case managers, medical experts and approved rehabilitation providers to ensure that a tailored programme is put in place and that an immediate needs assessment is undertaken as soon as possible so that rehabilitation can begin without delay.

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