Tim is a serious injury lawyer at Enable Law with extensive knowledge of brain, spinal, and other serious orthopaedic injuries.

Tim specialises in handling cases involving brain and spinal injury.  He provides specialist advice on a wide range of issues including personal injury, clinical negligence, criminal injury claims and education.

Tim has experience in claims resulting from injuries sustained at or shortly after birth and those involving spinal injuries.  He devotes time helping clients and their families through the legal process of making a claim and helping them access rehabilitation and other services that will improve their lives.

Tim is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and a volunteer for the Spinal Injuries Association.

What Tim’s clients say:

“I cannot thank him enough for fighting so long and hard on my behalf”

“I have complete faith in his advice”

“I know that I was so lucky to have had you acting for me. I feel that I had the best person I could have had”

Career Highlights:

Client received £400,000 as a result of a failure to monitor her lithium levels resulting in loss of kidney function requiring the need for dialysis.

Obtaining liability for a child who has a brain injury as a result of suffering from kernicterus.

Obtaining liability for a child who has suffered a below knee amputation of his leg as a result of a failure to monitor his leg whilst fitted with TED stockings.