Agata is head of the Medical Negligence team at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors. With a background of project management in the NHS, she brings a similarly meticulous approach to her caseload to guide clients through complex cases.

Agata has a proven track record of successfully litigating fiercely defended cases, with notable results at trial. Her practice includes claims of maximum severity, injuries sustained at birth, claims against GPs, cases of surgical error, ophthalmic injuries and elderly care. She has represented clients at Inquest and continues to support vulnerable victims and bereaved families.

Agata is recognised as a specialist in her field, and is a member of AvMA’s Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel and of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel

Examples of her work with brain injured clients include:

  • Winning a multimillion pound claim at trial for a child who sustained brain damage during birth and as a result has cerebral palsy
  • A case of GP negligence which resulted in undiagnosed and untreated chronic hydrocephalus resulting in brain injury manifesting as developmental difficulties, problems with fine motor control, vision, speech and language and social behaviours.
  • Negligently managed jaundice in the neonatal period resulting in kernicterus and subsequent cerebral palsy and hearing loss
  • A hospital’s negligent failure to monitor a patient’s INR levels which led to a subdural haematoma
  • A delay in diagnosis of meningitis in A&E which led to substantial brain damage
  • Hypoxic injury during birth resulting in chronic renal impairment, brain damage including epilepsy and long term cognitive and behavioural problems
  • Negligent delays during delivery by emergency c-section resulting in significant damage including whole body cerebral palsy, acquired microcephaly, severe visual impairment and epilepsy
  • A delay in diagnosing and treating a brain abscess resulting in frontal lobe damage, personality changes and reduced cognitive abilities

Agata works to achieve early admissions of liability and to secure interim payments of damages to assist with rehabilitation and to provide families with the support needed to rebuild their lives.