As a specialist solicitor with more than 25 years’ experience, I have always wanted to help people who have suffered injury and disability and to push the boundaries for better standards of care.

In recent years I have specialised in claims involving more complex injury and clinical negligence cases where injuries have been severe or long-lasting, such as acquired brain and spinal cord injury for both adults and children.

My passion and commitment to early and effective rehabilitation is also well known, and this fits perfectly with the approach of Hudgell Solicitors, where we always ‘see the person, and not just the claim’.

I am proud to be part of a team boasting vast expertise and experience in handling complex injury cases, ensuring our clients benefit from not only the very best legal advice and representation, but also key support in their rehabilitation and treatment.

We know those who suffer brain injuries need not only legal expertise and advice, but also understanding of the daily difficulties they face at home and in their communities, and support as they look to rebuild their lives.

It is with that in mind that we are also delighted to provide additional, one-on-one support through our official ambassador Paul Spence, a brain injury victim who has made an inspirational recovery himself and is now committed to helping others walk the same path.

Paul offers a depth of understanding of the daily challenges brain injury sufferers’ face, with the aim of being a positive, understanding role model for them during difficult times.

Our partnership with the Brain Injury Group is also one we are very proud of, and enables us to access extra, key support for the individuals and families we represent.

Alongside seeking early compensation payments where possible to pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and cover bills when people are unable to work, we have a track record of securing substantial settlements which help our clients start rebuilding their lives.