I have been dealing with brain injury claims for more than 10 years. In this time, I have dealt with numerous clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries caused or contributed to by clinical negligence.

Some clients’ injuries affect all aspects of physical and mental functioning. Others may be physically intact but have complex emotional and educational difficulties; to the outside world such children appear ‘normal’ when in reality they face a lifelong struggle because of the injury.

When parents initially come to see us for advice, they are often still dealing with the shock, distress and disbelief about what happened. Their search for answers from the hospital or doctors involved may be fruitless, leaving them disillusioned and desperate for more information. Through our investigations, we hope to provide parents with the answers to these questions and, where possible, seek compensation on their behalf.

Whilst no amount of money will ‘fix’ a child’s brain injury, securing compensation should enable families to purchase suitable accommodation and equipment, and to pay for the care, specialist therapies and treatment they require to allow the best possible quality of life, and to keep them secure and protected throughout their life.