Deputy Head of Clinical Negligence Department & Associate Director

I have specialised in catastrophic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases for a number of years. I aim to help clients get their lives back as far as possible, and seek early rehabilitation and specialist accommodation clients wherever I can (often with interim payments of damages, enabling rehabilitation to start while the case is still running).

My experience covers brain injuries such as those suffered by children at birth (cerebral palsy), and at later points in life through medical issues such as delayed diagnosis and treatment of stroke, epilepsy and brain tumours.

I have concluded a number of cases of £multi-million value. Such settlements invariably make a huge difference to the quality of life of a brain-injured client and their family through the specialist equipment, care and accommodation that they can deliver.

Aside from my full-time role at Jackson Lees I am Chief Assessor of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel (an accreditation scheme for specialist lawyers), having been appointed to that post in 2015.