Over the years, I have acted for clients in a variety of cases, including brain injury. The circumstances arising from a brain injury can be difficult and distressing and by adopting an empathetic and tenacious approach, I ensure the investigation process delivers answers for my clients.

For children, these life-changing injuries have arisen from mismanagement at or in the immediate aftermath of birth, due to poor feeding or failing to give appropriate medication for infection. The needs of children are often complex and consideration also has to be given to the impact any long-term disabilities will have on the child’s family.

In adults, I have assisted clients who have suffered brain injury because of the mismanagement of a stroke or brain haemorrhage. These victims may require a period of rehabilitation and sometimes there are lasting consequences for the client and their family.

It is therefore important that appropriate provision is provided to meet a client’s long-term treatment, care and rehabilitation needs.