Laura specialises in brain injury and cerebral palsy claims, having helped many families achieve compensation and with that, greater independence and enjoyment of life after brain injury.

With 10 years’ experience in medical negligence claims, Laura has specialist knowledge of cases involving problems in pregnancy or during labour, or in the early days after birth, where, due to failings in medical care, the child suffers a brain injury. She understands the sensitivities of these types of claims, and knows how to get the best out of medical experts to succeed, even in the most difficult of cases. Laura has also acted for children who have acquired a brain injury through illness, such as meninigitis or sepsis, where diagnosis and medical treatment has been negligently delayed.

Laura has also helped adults who have suffered brain injury in accidents or as a result of mistakes made during medical treatment, achieving compensation that has enabled life to get back on track in as far as possible after a brain injury.

With a friendly and approachable manner, Laura keeps in close contact with the families she works for so that they are always informed and understand how their case is progressing. By maintaining this close relationship, Laura gets to know the day to day struggles faced by her clients and what they really need to make life better. Armed with this information and her specialist legal knowledge, Laura has helped obtain millions of pounds of compensation for her clients, giving them peace of mind that that they will have everything they need for the rest of their lives.

Laura is based in our Oxford office.

Recent examples of how Laura has helped clients include:

  • recovering over £6 million from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to cover the 24-hour care needs of a child due to genetic abnormalities that should have been identified during the mother’s pregnancy;
  • a multi-million pound settlement for a little boy that suffered profound brain damage at birth due to negligent delays in his delivery;
  • recovering compensation for bereaved parents from the Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for failing to advise them on the increased risks of giving birth to a large baby and allowing the pregnancy to go significantly overdue, resulting in the baby suffering catastrophic and fatal brain damage