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Our specialist brain injury solicitors have extensive experience dealing with a whole range of brain injury cases, from maximum severity or catastrophic brain injury – where round the clock care is required – to cases where the effects of a brain injury are more subtle, but often nonetheless life changing.

We specialise in high value and complex brain injury claims for both children and adults, often involving clients with significant care and equipment needs due to physical, psychological and or behavioural difficulties.

As experts in cerebral palsy and clinical negligence brain injury claims, we have secured compensation and helped to provide a better quality of life for those with brain damage resulting from:

  • Birth injuries including Cerebral Palsy caused by lack of oxygen during labour and delivery
  • Neonatal brain damage due to jaundice (including Kernicterus and Bilirubin Encephalopathy)
  • Antenatal complications including due infection or disruptions to the blood supply
  • Infections or sepsis in babies, children and adults
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Stroke or Transient ischemic attacks
  • Bleeding and brain haemorrhages
  • Physical trauma (e.g. during instrumental delivery of a new born or from falls whilst under medical care)
  • Surgical trauma to the brain and surrounding membranes
  • Drug or anaesthetic errors

We represent brain injury survivors and their families nationwide and have specialist brain injury solicitors based in our Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Milton Keynes offices. We visit many of brain injury clients and their families at home, but also have offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and 4 other locations across the UK which we can use if it is more convenient for our clients.

Our traumatic brain and neurological injury team based in Nottingham also represent clients nationwide who have suffered catastrophic brain injuries as a result of accidents.

Caring for Clients and their Families

Every brain injury and the impact it has is unique. Our friendly approachable solicitors are known for combining a supportive caring approach with creative yet practical advice to achieve the best result for individual clients and their families.

Acquired brain injuries affect not only the injured person, but all those around them. Whether it is at birth, in childhood or as adult, a brain damage can profoundly change the person you are and alter the way you and your family think about the future. We understand that the immense and often devastating impact on families and the physical and emotional strain this can place on relationships. We can provide information and assistance to help families to find a way forward and to make sure they secure the support and care they need for themselves and their injured loved one in difficult circumstances.

We represent brain injury survivors and their families nationwide including those affected by birth injuries, clinical negligence and traumatic brain injuries. Our specialist brain injury solicitors regularly visit brain injury clients and their families home as well as meeting them virtually by phone or video call. We also offer meetings at our 14 offices throughout England (including in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Leeds). We will work with you in whatever way is most convenient for you and your family.

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Freeths LLP Solicitors Overview

Freeths LLP is a leading national firm offering trustworthy advice from friendly, supportive lawyers. We help people with brain injuries and cerebral palsy, including as a result of medical negligence, to access specialist treatment, care and equipment to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. We have 12 offices and represent clients nationwide.

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