A serious injury will have a dramatic impact on your life. Injuries to the brain, especially, can be radically life changing.

Apart from the physical and emotional trauma of the accident, there are often significant financial, employment and social implications to be tackled.

Instructing a lawyer to make a claim for compensation will never restore your health but it can improve your quality of life.

Brain injuries are not like everyday personal injury claims; they require specialist legal and medical knowledge and expertise.

Novum Law’s personal injury team has this specialist knowledge and skills and has been recognised for many years as one of the UK’s leading law firms representing personal injury claimants.

Novum Law has built up excellent relationships with medical and other experts in this field, meaning that the firm is able to refer clients to the very best advisers on rehabilitation, care and case management and independent living.

Novum Law also works with clients and their families to obtain, wherever possible, interim payments from the defendant’s insurers to pay for rehabilitation expenses to aid recovery and rehabilitation.