Canoeists with brain injuries undertaking residential rehabilitation at the Lake District

As well as all the benefits discussed in our For Professionals section, we also have the following services for all our members:


Grouptalk is our member newsletter which features latest news and articles from our law firm members and associate members, as well as the latest information about Brain Injury Group. Grouptalk is delivered directly to your inbox bi-monthly – to ensure you receive a copy email

News articles

Members are invited to contribute unique articles to our website on all areas of brain injury. For examples of articles, visit ‘latest news articles page’ and contact us for full details of article requirements.

Court of Protection Panel

It’s common for the Court of Protection to become involved following catastrophic brain injury, but for many law firms, this may not be a specific area of expertise. Within the Brain Injury Group membership, we have member firms who can assist with Property and Affairs as well as Health and Welfare matters who would be happy to support clients of other member law firms. Each panel member has met our strict joining criteria to ensure they are experienced at assisting clients with a brain injury and you can refer knowing your client is in safe hands.

If you would like to join our Court of Protection panel,

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Education Panel

Within the Brain Injury Group membership are a number of firms that have developed significant expertise in assisting families with advice about special educational needs. We have established an education panel to support those families and our member law firms who do not have the expertise to offer education advice following brain injury.

Each panel member will be capable of advising in respect of one or more elements of special educational needs as part of a claim or following settlement.

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Employment Panel

Many people who sustain a brain injury may not be able to return to their previous employment and would benefit from employment advice. Among our membership are a number of firms who are able to assist and we have established an employment panel to support those individuals.

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