lucy webb story

Lucy Webb remembers only too well when her son Jamie was hit by a car outside their home. It was a summer’s evening in August 1995 and Jamie, then 7, was playing with his sister and friends across the road. He needed to pop home briefly and as he ran across the road was hit head on by a car. Lucy heard the accident and rushed outside: she saw Jamie’s shoes in the road before seeing his body further along.

“Initially all I did was pray Jamie would survive but once his life was out of danger, the reality hit home hard,” says Lucy. “He was in hospitals and rehabilitation care for over two years before he came home. Now, Jamie is a disabled young adult who will need round-the-clock care for the rest of his life,” says Lucy. “In that split second our seven year old boy’s life was changed beyond belief and his healthy future lost. It seems so harmless for children to play outside their homes, kicking a ball on the wall with their friends. But if a driver or pedestrian is distracted the results can be devastating.”

Jamie Webb doesn’t recall the accident or the immediate aftermath as his life hung in the balance. But he is well aware that his brain damage and disability were preventable. “It’s so easy to be distracted when you’re out with your friends but I do urge everyone, children especially, to take care. You only need to be distracted for a second near the road for an accident to happen and your life to change for ever. I’m lucky to be alive and not as badly disabled as many other people involved in road traffic accidents. But a moment’s distraction can cost you your lifestyle or even your life so please think about what you’re doing and take care every minute you’re near the roads whether you’re walking, playing, cycling or driving,” he pleads.