If you have suffered a brain injury and are eligible to pursue a claim, Brain Injury Group member firms can call on the following services to help you and your family:

  • A family co-ordinator* who will help you at times of crisis. Provided by ILS
  • A dedicated case manager** who will carry out an urgent initial needs assessment, as well as signposting you to other local and national services. Provided by ILS
  • A financial adviser to review your financial position, help you manage any urgent problems and investigate any opportunities to claim from existing insurance policies. They can also advise on welfare and benefits. Provided by The Nestor Partnership
  • Expert reports for medical evidence and healthcare assessment. Provided by Premex Services Limited
  • Access to several sets of barristers that can help your legal team and advise on the strategic direction of your case.
  • Signposting to charities and relevant support services and suppliers.

Legal & Welfare Service (LAWS)LAWS_3

If you are affected by brain injury – personally or within your family – you may well have a raft of questions about legal, financial and welfare-related matters beyond any thought of a third-party claim.

Our Legal and Welfare Service provides access to advice from our member firms on a range of issues that might be able to put your mind at rest and help you to focus on recovery and rehabilitation.  Issues such as:

welfare benefits, health and care budgets and personal finances | mental capacity, powers of attorney and Court of Protection

employment | housing and education | matrimonial and family matters | care or treatment issues

You can find out more about our Legal and Welfare Service here.

The BIG Directory

We also have a directory of services that lists a wide range of specialist services around the country for brain injured people that you will find here.

* A family co-ordinator is a qualified and experienced clinical brain injury case manager who can help at times of crisis. They act at very short notice and will offer advice, take action or refer elsewhere depending on the nature of the crisis, to help manage problems before they become more serious.

If you are pursuing a claim through one of our members, your solicitor would be most likely to use this service as a stopgap, whilst organising the funding to put more long-term case management arrangements in place. There would be no change for this service if you are using one of our solicitors – it comes as part of the wider package of support that we provide as you go through the process of making a claim.

**A case manager acts on behalf of the brain-injured person (the client) and their family. They are medically trained and are usually qualified nurses, occupational therapists or physiotherapists. Once they have assessed the client’s needs they will usually make the appropriate arrangements to help improve the client’s quality of life – usually a combination of care, support, therapies and equipment.

You can download a Brain Injury Group guide about what to expect of a case manager and how they might help below.

The role of a Case Manager (470.1 KiB)

Your Brain Injury Group solicitor may be able to secure interim payments for you to help pay for the ongoing services of a case manager and to implement their recommendations in order to improve your quality of life while the court case gets resolved.

How can the Brain Injury Group help you?

If you’ve been affected by brain injury and need free legal or welfare advice, there are several ways to get in touch:

  1. Call us on 0800 612 9660 or 03303 112541
  2. Email us at enquiries@braininjurygroup.co.uk
  3. Complete this short enquiry form and we’ll get back to you