Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection Deputyships

Court of Protection Deputyship matters are very common in brain injury and personal injury cases generally where compensation and damages awards need to be managed to last the lifetime of the injured party.

Managing Court of Protection matters and complying with the regulations and reporting requirements can be an onerous task for family members and carers who might look to professionals for support – whether to take full or partial responsibility.

Not all law firms have the infrastructure or experience to enable them to act as professional deputies. However several Brain Injury Group members have significant expertise in providing professional deputyship services, with insight gleaned from many years of co-ordinating professional and medical support for individuals and families.

Find a Court of Protection specialist

All the experts on the Brain Injury Group’s Court of Protection panel can advise on property and financial affairs; many can also advise on personal welfare deputyships.

Each firm has been required to demonstrate significant experience in Court of Protection related matters and will be more than capable of advising on the elements involved, or in acting as a professional deputy on your behalf.

These specialists will be happy to work alongside any other law firm that might be representing you during a claim that may not have the expertise in-house to deal with the sensitive matter of managing other people’s affairs.

Find out how the Court of Protection can help if you have to look after someone else’s affairs here.