Brain injuries are complex by nature and the final outcome in respect of recovery can be very difficult to predict. That’s why it is crucial to choose a solicitor who understands the complexities and nuances of brain injury to ensure that your claim is not undervalued and that you achieve fair compensation to meet your needs.

Brain injury claims can take a long time to conclude; you need to be satisfied that your solicitor has the expertise in brain injury to be able to act in your best interests throughout a demanding case, and to be happy about working with them over several years.

You can be confident that all our member firms have the experience you need, but you should still ask plenty of questions and talk to more than one solicitor to make sure the ‘fit’ is right.

You can find a Brain Injury Group solicitor by searching here.

For our checklist of the sort of questions you might want to ask before choosing your solicitor view the document below.

Choosing your solicitor (162.6 KiB)