Peter’s story

Peter* was attending an 18th birthday party when he was attacked by another party-goer. He suffered a life threating head injury and was left in a coma for 16 days.

At the time of the incident Peter was working at a bank. After several months off work he was eventually able to return and subsequently went on to study for a degree.

While Peter has made a significant recovery he continues to have problems with focusing, maintaining attention and retaining information. He has also become more irritable and snappy, as he’s angry and frustrated and dwells on gaps in his memory which make him feel insecure. A neuropsychological assessment has detected impairments of the memory function and visual recall.

Peter made an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which offered to settle his claim for the sum of £11,000. However, the on-going injuries revealed in the neuropsychological assessment led Peter and his family to think that this did not cover the true cost of the damage. They instructed Colemans-CTTS, a member of the Brain Injury Group, to appeal the decision in April 2012. Coleman’s obtained evidence from a neuropsychologist which has been sent to the independent CICA Tribunal Service in order to dispute the proposed award and is currently awaiting a response from the Tribunal.

(*Name has been changed)

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