Ashley and Nicola’s story

Ashley suffered serious head and orthopaedic injuries when he was in a motorcycle crash with an uninsured van driver some years ago. He has been left with partial physical disability and brain damage that has completely changed his personality and temperament.

Ashley and his wife Nicole sought legal help from brain injury specialist firm Hugh James, now a member of the Brain Injury Group. Nicola has also spoken of her overwhelming relief when she met Andrew Harding and Cari Sowden-Taylor, solicitors at Hugh James, who were approachable, friendly and completely understanding of the many challenges that the couple were facing. Nicola can’t bear to think how differently things might have turned out if she hadn’t found them.

Hugh James worked tirelessly with a number of medical and other experts to show the impact of Ashley’s injuries on his life. They saw a reconstruction of the accident to prove Ashley was neither at fault nor speeding at the time of the collision. They rejected lower settlement offers, convinced they had a strong case. They secured interim payments while the case progressed and that helped to fund a case manager and put in place a care programme for Ashley.

Although no amount of money can possibly bring back all that Ashley and the family have lost, Hugh James settled compensation that will help to secure Ashley’s future.

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