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Our Legal & Welfare Service (LAWS) is a free legal and welfare service for patients affected by brain injury, their carers and families that can be made available within a hospital or neuro centre setting.

The Legal and Welfare Service will be provided free of charge by a consortium of our member law firms in the region, with support from specialist financial and welfare advisers. A representative from one of the law firms will visit the hospital or neuro centre and meet with patients, their families and carers to provide them with advice on a range of legal, financial and welfare issues on a confidential basis, either by appointment or on a “drop in” basis.

Those issues might include:

  • Mental capacity including powers of attorney or Court of Protection matters
  • Financial matters such as debt, welfare benefits, budgeting and planning
  • Employment and housing
  • Matrimonial and family matters
  • Personal injury or criminal injuries compensation claims

In addition, those using the Legal and Welfare Service will be signposted to a range of support services provided by the Brain Injury Group and given general information on other organisations that can offer support.

Establishing the Legal and Welfare Service in a clinical or rehabilitation facility provides a number of benefits to the hospital or neuro centre:

  • It is a cost-free, patient-centred service delivered by expert professionals in an ethical way that meets all legal standards
  • It avoids the appearance of favouring one law firm
  • Staff will be able to signpost resources they are unable to provide personally
  • If a patient does make a successful claim against a third party, the hospital may benefit under the NHS Injury Cost Recovery Scheme
  • As a Group we can provide free training for staff involved in dealing with brain injured patients and their carers on a range of legal and specialist subjects related to brain injury
  • It represents a partnership with a Community Interest Company

Download more detail below.

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If you’re interested in hosting a Legal and Welfare Service clinic at your hospital or neuro-centre, please contact Julie Mccarthy on 07740 283080 or by email at [email protected]