Here you will be able to access information on a wide range of subjects that will hopefully be of interest to you and your patients or clients.

Many of our ‘Fast Facts’ information sheets address legal matters surrounding health and social care in the context of brain injury, while others deal with broader related subjects like personal injury claims.

These resources are being developed with the assistance of our members and we intend to build a valuable virtual library of accessible information, so please keep coming back to see what’s been added.

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Find out about the issue of consent established in Montgomery:

The issue of consent - Montgomery (887.9 KiB)

Find out about the requirements and obligations of medical experts:

Expert witnesses (500.3 KiB)

Find out about the key principles of the Mental Capacity Act:

Mental Capacity Act - the key principles (643.4 KiB)

Find out about defining unwise decisions:

Mental capacity | defining an unwise decision (830.5 KiB)

Find out about Independent Mental Capacity Act Advocacy:

Independent mental capacity advocacy FAQs (718.5 KiB)

Find out about the role of a deputy:

Mental Capacity Act - the role of Deputy (837.3 KiB)

Find out about Post Concussion Syndrome:

Post Concussion Syndrome (772.2 KiB)

Find out about sleep, fatigue and TBI:

Sleep, fatigue & TBI (1.0 MiB)

Find out about the Rehabilitation Code in relation to patients with ABI compensation claims:

The Rehabilitation Code – a guide for patients with acquired brain injury (379.8 KiB)

Find out about the headline issues facing healthcare professionals in relation to legal claims and the Rehabilitation Code:

The Rehabilitation Code- FAQs for ABI treatment providers within compensation claim process (274.3 KiB)