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People who suffer traumatic brain injuries do not anticipate them and the vast majority are unlikely to have plans in place to meet their ongoing day to day commitments. Similarly, the parents of babies or children who suffer a brain injury will not be prepared for the complex and difficult financial, legal and welfare issues this creates. In addition, the ongoing care, treatment and needs of those with a brain injury often involve a range of challenging and changing legal and financial issues.

If a traumatic brain injury is the result of another party’s actions or negligence, then the victim may be eligible to make a claim for compensation which could ultimately secure the funding necessary to pay for essential support for them and their family. To achieve the best outcome, it’s important that a specialist lawyer who fully appreciates the effects of brain injury, like members of the Brain Injury Group, is instructed to review the situation.

You can find out more about when and how a claim might be brought and what the claimant and their family can expect here.