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Life can change dramatically as a result of a brain injury so finding the right professional support is crucial to ensure you make the best possible recovery, both physically and financially.

Brain injury is an extremely complex area which is why it’s so important to choose a solicitor with extensive experience in the field.

Each of our approved head and brain injury specialist lawyers meets our very specific criteria and have proved their expertise in handling complex claims for compensation.

Brain Injury Group members – setting the standard for brain injury

As the UK’s first national network of dedicated brain injury solicitors, we offer access to the very best legal advice from member firms that meet our strict criteria and operate under our ethical code of conduct. They, in turn, can call on the services of a range of professionals who help to rebuild lives following a brain injury. A key part of this is securing the compensation you need and are entitled to receive for your brain injury claim.

All our solicitors offer impartial and confidential advice. We can refer you to someone local to you and your family, and, by signposting services nearby, we can help you manage your situation close to home, work, or the rest of your family and friends. Initial advice is free and there is no obligation to instruct our member law firms should you decide to proceed with a claim.

Whether you are considering making a claim, need other specialist legal advice, are looking for information on continuing healthcare funding or welfare benefits, or are looking for a broad range of services and professional support through our online directory, the Brain Injury Group provides a gateway to the support you need.

Find your nearest Brain Injury Group brain injury specialist solicitor, by emailing us at or call us on 0800 612 9660.

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Useful glossaries and descriptions

However hard our member firms try to put things into plain English, when you’ve not had to deal with the impact of a complex injury before and generally don’t have much to do with medical or legal professionals, some of the jargon could be confusing. We’ve pulled together glossaries of commonly used clinical and legal terms and acronyms in respect of head and brain injuries that might make things clearer. You’ll find our useful glossaries here (links to the glossaries are also below) or you can download PDF versions of both in the ‘Useful Downloads’ section on this page.

Medical Advice and practical/emotional support

Brain Injury Group is unable to offer assistance with medical advice and would recommend you talk to your GP or treating doctors.

Our A-Z Directory of Services provides a signposting service to organisations who may be able to assist with practical day to day matters, emotional support and activities.

The BIG Brain Injury Services Directory

Brain Injury is BIG

Brain Injury is BIG is a support group for people who have loved ones with devastating brain injuries. The founding members met when they each had a loved one receiving care at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability in Putney. With their lives turned upside down, they turned to each other for support to cope with their loved one’s injuries and to share advice and knowledge, and from this, the charity Brain Injury is BIG was born. Today they provide a telephone support line, online support forum and a small grants scheme to help with costs such as travel to visit loved ones in hospital and the purchase of small pieces of specialist equipment to assist rehabilitation.

Brain Injury is BIG

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