If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury, the chances are that you’re facing complex and sometimes difficult legal, financial and welfare issues that you were simply not prepared for.

Every one of our member firms appreciates the complexities and nuances of brain injury; they have the expertise that is vital to advising people thinking about or pursuing a claim and to ensure that claims are not undervalued.

You might want to consider a claim for brain injury compensation, but that may take second place to other pressing matters that concern you.

And our Legal and Welfare Service Online can help.

Legal and Welfare Service Online is a free, confidential advice service provided by members of the Brain Injury Group, with additional support from specialist financial and welfare advisers; between them, they can help you to deal with a breadth of legal, financial and/or welfare issues around brain injury.

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Why use Legal & Welfare Service Online?

  • the service is convenient and simple to access
  • initial advice is free and there is no obligation to go ahead with the firm providing that advice
  • you’ll be speaking with specialist, reliable and trustworthy professionals with significant experience of dealing with individuals and families affected by brain injury
  • advice can be provided on a wide range of legal and welfare issues that become apparent after a significant injury
  • identifying and managing legal and financial issues may relieve some of your anxiety and enable you to focus on recovery and rehabilitation
  • it may be possible to identify funding sources that enable access to earlier or additional rehabilitation and/or facilitate an earlier discharge from hospital, together with various longer term benefits

What can the Legal & Welfare Service Online help with?

We provide help, support and expert advice on issues such as:

  • ­ mental capacity, including Court of Protection and Powers of Attorney
  • ­ financial matters such as debt, welfare benefits, budgeting and planning, banking and investments
  • ­ education, employment, housing
  • ­ personal health and care budgets
  • ­ care or treatment
  • ­ personal injury claims or criminal injuries compensation
  • ­ matrimonial and family matters

To access our Legal and Welfare Service Online and obtain free professional advice on legal and financial issues related to a brain injury, all you need to do is complete the simple enquiry form above to be put in touch with a professional adviser.

So, if you or a member of your family has suffered a brain injury and you need free and honest legal, financial and/or welfare advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Legal and Welfare Service Online by submitting the enquiry form above. We’re here to help you during a difficult time.

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