You have ready access to other professionals who can support your client work and aid your cash flow.

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    Specialist Medico-Legal Reports

    Premex+ is a specialist service designed to provide high quality medico-legal reports for complex cases.

    The service is completely flexible to your requirements; preferred experts can be recruited and you can liaise with them directly.

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    Neuro Consultants (and Digital Imaging)

    A neuro-exclusive network of leading consultants and specialists provide collaborative neurological reports and clinical services.

    On-site access to a high density 3T scanner to identify subtle disruption to the neuro pathways.

    Deferred terms available under The BiG Network arrangement detailed above.

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    Forensic Accounting Services

    A comprehensive range of services provided by expert senior accountants in the field, including formal expert reports, advisory work and white-labelled schedules produced on an agency basis to ensure maximum cost recovery.

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    Personal Injury Services and Financial Advice

    Our Personal Injury Services are available to clients and other professionals throughout the UK and include expert advice on:

    • Periodical payments
    • Investing PI damages
    • Trustee investment advice
    • Court of Protection investments
    • Accountancy services including tax advice and annual returns for OPG
    • Personal Injury Trusts
    • Welfare benefits advice
    • Forensic accountancy – loss of earnings and loss of pension

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    Brain Injury Specialist Counsel

    Presenting the entire legal team to the vulnerable client and their family early can establish a valuable rapport that aids progress and clarifies the client’s particular circumstances.

    Our association with forward thinking, dynamic brain injury specialists provide a network of genuine brain injury experts, including Silks.

    Free use of mediation suites and meeting facilities in Central London, Manchester and Liverpool.

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  • Tel: 01204 478 320 Contact: Wayne Brannan Email: Call Email

    Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Service

    3d Rehabilitation provides a full suite of rehabilitation and ancillary services.

    These are available from a number of carefully selected partners to provide the relevant support to individuals and their families.

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    Mental Capacity Assessments

    Assessments for LPA’s, CoP3’s, testamentary capacity and contentious probate, undertaken by experienced health professionals fully trained in the application of the Mental Capacity Act and relevant case law. Assessments supported by robust and detailed contemporaneous reports.