Panel members will be able to provide assistance whenever you need it:

At the start

  • Valuing the claim, and on claiming costs in schedule of loss
  • Choosing / appointing a Deputy
  • Appointing interim authorities including authority to litigate
  • Immediate needs including authority to deal with interim payments, benefit claims, ongoing financial management

As the claim proceeds

  • Provide expert witness report on costs
  • Advise on the ongoing management of the claim and the appointment of a professional as deputy
  • Advise on interim applications including purchase and adaptation of property and initial short term investment advice
  • Provide expert witness evidence in respect of the expenditure to date and anticipate costs
  • Provide access to one of the UK’s leading providers of independent capacity assessments

When the claim is settled

  • Ongoing management including paying for care, accessing state benefits, completing tax returns, submitting annual report to the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Applying for a statutory will
  • Ancillary applications including change of trustees, change of Deputy, variations of orders

Each panel member has its own pricing structure, however costs are generally determined by the Court either through the assessment process or on a fixed cost basis.

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