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Here you can find the latest news about Brain Injury Group and articles relating to brain injury.

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A family dog rests on the breakfast table surrounded by other members of the family illustrating the family behind brain injury claim headlines

Personal injury claims are misunderstood. The newspaper stories about the “compensation culture” are based upon a myth. In reality, the statistics show that personal injury claim numbers are dropping. In addition, the Government has advanced…
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An image of rugby players locking heads about to engage in a scrum illustrating the head impacts and brain injuries in sport

MPs have launched an inquiry into the link between sport and brain injury. While the link in sports such as boxing has been self-evident, with serious brain injury and death still an all too regular…
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A content, resting baby is monitored by a doctor’s stethoscope illustrating our article on shaken baby syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is a serious brain injury caused by a form of child abuse where a baby is forcefully and violently shaken – it takes as little as 5 seconds of shaking to cause…
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Liam (who has a brain injury) enjoying his brain injury rehabilitation plan at the gym with his personal trainer

Anne Sanders has worked as a personal injury lawyer for over 21 years. In this article, Anne talks passionately about her clients and her work with brain injury… I have had the privilege of working…
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The writer's son with his horse illustrating the bond between horse and owner despite a horse riding accident

Horse riding is a popular activity in the UK, but horses can be unpredictable, they have a mind of their own, which makes riding a high-risk activity. It’s not uncommon for a rider to suffer…
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