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The hard hitting effects of a brain injury are enough to make anyone think, the financial implications can be unnerving. Here are 6 ways making a compensation claim can help.

When a serious brain injury occurs in a family, the financial ripple effects can be significant, hitting income hard and incurring extra expenses.

Kim Chamberlain, specialist brain injury solicitor from Brain Injury Group member firm Novum Law, reveals that most people who approach her for advice about making a personal injury claim are very anxious about their loss of earnings and have significant concerns surrounding the financial pressures they’re facing as a result of an acquired brain injury.

For example, how are they going to pay their mortgage? How will they meet the cost of specialist treatment, much-needed therapies and support? What about all the extra expenses they now face as a result of their injury, such as travel to hospital appointments?

Often, what many people don’t realise is the range and extent of financial losses that can be included within their compensation. A settlement does not only compensate you for the brain injury itself.

Specialist brain injury solicitors

Our Brain Injury Group approved brain injury solicitors go out of their way to listen to you, and understand how your life has changed in all areas. This helps to ensure that you are put back in the financial position you were before your injury and to secure funding to meet your needs for the future.

Working with a specialist solicitor to help you make a claim for brain injury compensation can make a real difference, alleviating money worries and making your day-to-day life easier.

Kim outlines six ways the compensation process can help:

1 – Access to rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is crucially important for those who’ve suffered a serious brain injury. To achieve the best outcomes, it needs to be tailored to individual needs and delivered at an early stage. However, it is not always easy to access the rehabilitation you need once you have been discharged from hospital and in the longer term. If you are able to make a claim, your solicitor can help you secure the funds you need to pay for specialist rehabilitation treatment and therapies, via multi-disciplinary teams of experts as part of your compensation award. This will also include funding for your future needs, once your claim has settled.

2 – Getting interim payments

Your solicitor can work to ensure you receive regular interim payments that form part of your compensation settlement before any final judgement is reached. These interim payments are vital as they can be used to support your day-to-day living expenses. They can cover loss of earnings, pay for private medical treatment, additional specialist treatments and therapies that are tailored to meet your individual needs, as well as pay for any aids, equipment and adaptations to your property where appropriate, to help support you and your family.

3 – Help with medical treatment

If you require further medical investigations and ongoing treatment, this can be funded through your claim. This could allow you to privately access a greater choice of consultants, hospitals and treatment options as well as cut down on the time you have to wait for procedures, and to have the opportunity to consider more innovative technology and approaches, not always available through the NHS.

4 – Additional Care and Case Management

Your injuries may mean that that you need additional specialist care from multi-disciplinary teams of treating experts and therapists. Your brain injury solicitor can help, as part of your compensation claim, by appointing a case manager to coordinate care teams, source experts and facilitate recommended treatment and rehabilitation, relieving loved ones from this added pressure of and allowing them to focus on you. This means you benefit from the best possible levels of medical care and treatment to aid your recovery.

5 – Assistance with home adaptations

After a serious brain injury, you may find your home no longer meets your needs and alternative accommodation or some adaptations to make daily life easier should be considered. Your solicitor can help you meet the costs of those essential adaptations or assist with purchasing a new home that is more suited to your requirements, with specialist aids and equipment recommended by the experts that can help. Other expenses can also be included, for example, higher energy bills, increased home maintenance costs, etc.

6 – Extra financial support

You may find yourself out of pocket having to deal with expenses that you may not otherwise have had to deal with (e.g. travel costs to hospital appointments, childcare bills, loss of earnings, higher living costs, family taking time off paid work to care for you, medication, treatment etc.) Making a claim can ease those financial pressures so that you can concentrate on your recovery and to start to look to the future.

If you have suffered a serious brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, Novum Law are serious personal injury solicitors specialising in brain and head injuries. Offering no win no fee claims, the Novum Law team has a strong track record securing maximum compensation for brain injury survivors.

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